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About Our Agency

Representing Volleyball Players Worldwide.

DV Agency was founded in 2013 by the former Argentinian professional volleyball player and FIVB Licensed Agent Diego Velázquez. Diego’s passion for this sport, his know-how of the business and values of the market and personal experience managing his own playing career’s made DV Agency become highly recognized in the market for fitting its services to the volleyball player’s needs and expectations throughout his entire career.

Our main goal is to match our client’s and club’s expectations in order to reach an agreement that is favorable to the objectives of both parties.

Thanks to our strong ties and connections in all volleyball leagues of the main markets such as Europe, Middle East and Asia, we have closed several deals in all of them.

We start every day convinced that our tailored services provide our volleyball players with they need and deserve. That’s our pride.

by Diego Velazquez – CEO & Founder